Creating Artificial Habitats to Preserve Natural Treasures.

SWFL Reefs is a nonprofit foundation that works to enhance the marine environment and protect natural reef ecosystems. Through the creation of artificial habitats, we help to provide safe haven and food for more than 250 different reef fish species from the shallow waters of Charlotte Harbor to more than 30 miles offshore. From our base in Sanibel, Florida, SWFL Reefs works with other marine conservation nonprofit organizations, corporations and government agencies to ensure the sustainability of our underwater wildlife.

SWFL Reefs supports the Lee County artificial reef program, which includes planning and implementation of new projects, maintenance of existing sites, monitoring reef quality, educating reef users and informing the public about the role that these reefs play in enhancing the quality of life for people and marine ecosystems. Artificial reefs created by Lee County must not only hold sea life that recreational divers enjoy and anglers want to catch, but also create viable, long-lasting marine habitat that complement the natural ledges and outcroppings that exist off the Lee County coast.

Mohawk Reef Machine

*Pictured above is an underwater habitat created by the USS Mohawk.

Benefits to the responsible construction and management of artificial reefs are many, and include:

Enrichment of a wide variety of reef fish species

Increased catch opportunities for local fisheries

Diving and sport fishing attractions

Creation of marine habitat that complements the area’s natural sea ledges and outcroppings

Scientific research about reef construction, materials and locations

Economic annual impact of 575 jobs and nearly $52 million in revenue generated